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Kidney stones are hard, stone-like masses that can form in one or both kidneys. Also known as nephrolithiasis, urolithiasis or renal calculi. A kidney stone is a hard mass developed from crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract. Normally, urine contains chemicals that prevent or inhibit the crystals from forming. They vary in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball.

kidney stoneStonil capsules are natural ways to flush your kidney stones.Calcium based stones are one of the simplest stones to flush. So simple that typically they can be passed by drinking plenty of water for a few weeks to months. However, most people do not want to deal with pain for that long. If you are sick of drinking gallons of water each day with no luck? you may be able to dissolve and pass any type of kidney stones with this kidney stone treatment capsule. Over 90% of kidney stones are 5 mm or less. If your kidney stone is 7mm or less, Stonil is the perfect kidney stone treatment. If your kidney stone is larger than 7 mm, you will need to try this kidney stones treatment over the next three months. The bigger the stone, the more treatments needed.

Stonil has become the supplement of choice for men and women looking to naturally pass kidney stones. The results from this kidney stone treatment are incredible. Not only did the product perform at a highly effective level, but it also reacted favorably with our test subjects who represented a wide range of ages and with varying degrees of kidney stone problem. Stonil’s herbal ingredients have been well-documented in numerous international scientific studies to cure the symptoms of kidney stones as well as pass kidney stones painlessly.Research and testing have concluded that Stonil is a powerful kidney stone treatment that can cleanse the kidneys, dissolve the kidney stones, and help them pass quickly and smoothly.

Benefits of Stonil Capsule:

  • Helps to reduce and dissolve the urinary stones
  • Helps to treat pain and discomfort induced by kidney stones
  • Helps to prevent recurrent urinary stones
  • Works on all types of kidney stones

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