Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism is caused by a combination of genetic, physical, psychological, social and environmental factors that vary greatly from one individual to another. Genetics play the most substantial part in the development of alcoholism; a person’s risk of becoming an alcoholic is four times greater if a parent is an alcoholic. Other factors that can lead to alcohol abuse include peer pressure, culture and the availability of alcohol.

alcohol addictionAntobacus Capsule is an all-natural herbal addiction to alcohol treatment formula designed to help individuals with cravings and withdrawal from alcohol as well as addiction to nicotine, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and other addictive substances. Addiction to alcohol Antobacus Capsule has been formulated based on over 20 years of experience helping thousands of alcoholics and drug addicts addicted to alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. This Addiction of Alcohol treatment increases brain’s natural tranquilizer and stops the long and short term cravings common in withdrawal from alcohol, drugs. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other drugs often cause the body to eliminate calcium. Depressed calcium and magnesium levels are often the root of irritability, muscular spasm, and pain experienced by alcoholics and drug addicts. Antobacus Capsule provides nutrients for strengthening the nervous system.

Features of Antobacus Capsule:

  • Reduces Hangover symptoms up to 70%
  • Helps Regulate Alcohol Metabolism
  • Supplying your body with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Helping to clear toxins from your liver
  • Helping soothe your nerves
  • Helping reduce symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal
  • Helping cut your cravings considerably

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