Causes of sad sexual life for men

Causes of sad sexual life for men

It is a well-liked notion that growing age decreases the will in men to possess a full of life and satisfying sexual life. It, however, isn’t true. Growing age is one among the factors for unhappy sexual life, however there square measure different reasons, that end in sad sexual life for men. a number of the potent reasons behind sad sexual life for men square measure mentioned below:


Loss of physical attraction (sex drive)

Loss of physical attraction in men is unusual compared with ladies tho’ dysfunction in men could be a a lot of common drawback compared with different sexual issues that occur in ladies. Loss of physical attraction doesn’t mean that the flexibility to possess sex has diminished in an exceedingly man, however that the will for it doesn’t exist any longer.
Low physical attraction or loss of physical attraction is coupled to bound physiological, emotional and psychological causes, however sad sexual life or relationship can’t be avoided.
Physiological reasons for loss of physical attraction is alcoholism, drug abuse, fatness (a major factor), anaemia, low androgen (a terribly rare cause) or polygenic disease.
Some emotional or psychological reasons is depression, stress, overstrain, insubstantial childhood reminiscences, relationship problems with the partner and sexual orientation issues

Erectile Dysfunction  —

ED With growing age, impotence (also called dysfunction or ED)

in men becomes a lot of common. Impotency suggests that the loss of ability to possess associate degreed sustain an erection for sexual issues. because of impotency, men take quite usual time to urge associate degree erection. Erection doesn’t essentially mean that it’s going to be as firm or as massive because it wont to be. when consummation, the loss of erection is fast. Another erection could take longer than the primary. dysfunction isn’t a severe drawback, particularly not that there’s a prevalence of advanced bioscience, however if it happens typically, you must consult a doctor for correct steering.

Emotional Imbalance

Emotional imbalance in relationship or in family can even be a reason behind sad sexual life. discontentedness in an exceedingly relationship will cause stress, infidelity, frustration etc that successively influences sexual life. Emotional upheavals because of family issues or death of a honey square measure another common causes of disturbed sexual life in men.
Once a person goes through emotional turbulence, his interest in sexual life reduces. He cannot connect with the intimacy, love and fervour concerned in sexual practice.


Some diseases, disabilities, ailments, medicines and surgeries will have an effect on men’s ability or need to possess and revel in sex. Diseases like polygenic disease cause dysfunction in some men, a robust reason to possess sad or discontent sexual life. Disorders like incontinence (loss of bladder management or unseaworthy of urine), sometimes, develop with age, thereby creating sexual issues troublesome as further pressure on the belly throughout intercourse will cause a loss of excretion, thereby killing the will of getting sex. Incontinence is avoided by dynamic your positions. Incontinence is effectively treated by taking medical facilitate.




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